Mediterranean Diet a Possible Cure for Depression, a New Study Suggests

What Warrants the Study?

Many people have a wrong notion concerning nutritional studies. But, the study conducted by the researchers of the members of a day care center situated in the East Attica in Greece. 

The subjects were divided into two groups – 64% relying on a strong Mediterranean diet while the remaining 36% didn’t. 

Upon conduction of the study, it was found that the subjects who did adhere to a very strict Mediterranean diet with high veggie content and lowered amount of poultry and alcohol did have a reduced likelihood of developing symptoms of depression and such. 

The researchers did find that amidst the entire cohort of participants in the study, 25% of them did present with symptoms of depression. They were predominantly from the group which didn’t adhere to the Mediterranean diet. More women were at risk of depression than men.

While more research does need to be done in this to solicit the exact cause and reasoning, it is pretty self-explanatory as to why the same could be a possibly good reason behind tackling the signs of depression.

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