How Playing the Drums Changes the Brain

Portrait of a red-haired emotional man playing drums and cymbals and holding a stick. isolated on a dark background

The difference was observed in the forepart of the corpus callosum, which is a component of the brain. It means that it linked the right and the left hemisphere of the brain. This part is also responsible for carrying out motor planning. The results suggested that the drummers had
several thick, sturdy fibers in an essential connecting tract located between the two halves of the brain. It proved that information is traded between the two halves more quickly in musicians than the unmusical individuals. The semblance of the corpus callosum also forecasted the type of
performance given by the drummers; if the fibers were thicker in the corpus callosum, the drummer would perform better and vice versa.
The analysts also studied about sparse sampling. This term refers to the ability of the brain of drummers not to be capable of being much active or energetic in motor functions in comparison to the unmusical individuals. This suggests that an effective brain systemization in the
experienced drummers indicated that their regions of the brain were activated less.

Drumming is an excellent workout for your brain

In many types of research, it is proven that drumming can alter the mood of an individual, and it can trigger the release of endorphins, which are associated with generating feelings of happiness and euphoria. The rhythm of drumming is so unique that it creates neuronal connections all over
the brain, and it activates us and keeps us awake and alert. It also resonates with the non-verbal part of the brain with the language and reasoning part to make us more insightful and certain.

Therapeutic drumming is also claimed to be useful in assisting the brain in preventing any neurological disorders. It also engages both of our brain’s hemispheres and keeps them working. This strengthens our intuition as to when we drum; we are accessing all parts of our brain.

Why is drumming a healthier option?

In many studies, it has been proved that drumming can induce relaxing feelings amongst the individuals, and can reverse the generation of stress-causing hormones in the human body. It can also distract a patient from inflicted upon excruciating plain produce endorphins, alleviate the
pain, and act as bodies naturally generated painkillers. It also boosts immunity as group circle drumming increases the creation of T cells in the human body, which can assist the immune system in combating diseases like cancer and various viruses.

Group drumming is said to be a spiritually awakening experience for many people. It allows people to connect with their spirit via synchronizing with the rhythm. A drumming performance can act as a form of self-expression, as people release their anxiety and stress through it.
Physical stimulation of beating sticks on a drum can help release all negative feelings and anger.

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