Elite Gamers Share Mental Toughness with Top Athletes, Study Finds

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

A recent QUT research suggested that accomplished esports players may
necessitate an equal amount of vigour and determination it takes to be a
high-ranked athlete.

People usually assume that physical exercise is more challenging and debilitating than mental exercise; however, this is incorrect from many perspectives. Mental exertion is insanely enervating and can exhaust a person in just a few hours and opposed to this, and an individual
can engage in prolonged hours of physical labour without feeling as devitalized.

Mental exercising consists of various tasks that demand undivided attention and stream-lined focus that can be wearying for the brain. Mental exercising games can comprise of comprehending scientific subjects, understanding computational language, or even playing funny video games that thrive on innovation and personal intellectual input. Just like physical exercises develop our muscles and make us brawny, mental exercise can train our brain to be more responsive and improve our cognition.
When one thinks about an esports player, a virtual image of a calm individual appears; however, in reality, it is quite different. Professional esports gamers have to adhere to a strictly regimented routine to excel and hone their proficiencies by sitting in front of a screen for days in the end. A
lot of effort and struggle is contributed to success in this discipline, and it requires tenacity and patience.

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