The first intuitive programming language for quantum computers

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Software designing and the development of quantum computers are
evolving and becoming less challenging over time. The computer analysts
at ETH, Zurich have contrived the primary original programming language
that can be employed to operate the quantum computers in just as
uncomplicated, secured, and reliable way as conventional computers.
Martin Vechev, a professor in the computer science department at ETH’s
SRI (secure, Reliable, and Intelligent) Systems Lab, shared his insights
about this subject. He mentioned that developing the programming
language and executing it correctly is still a difficult task for the analysts. He was confident about the prospects of his study and added that he is thrilled to continue this research and explore further about quantum computers and its specialized programming. He was elevated to be associated with ETH Zurich and employ their advanced facilities.

Martin commented on the creation of the first intuitive esteemed quantum programming language. He appraised the development of Silq by describing how it is a significant advancement in the digital device’s ability to be instinctive. It is sensible enough to recognize and eliminate transitional and temporary data. He explained how Silq is a distinct programming
language that allows computer code experts to employ the aptitude of quantum computers that surpasses the potential of all developed programming languages. He commented on how Silq has a more sophisticated code that is responsive, more intuitive, and easier to comprehend. Vechev also recently introduced Silq to other computer professionals at PLDI 2020. It is an exclusive conference for programming language experts. Vechev and his research team have launched a website and published all their work to welcome any further progress of Silq.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash
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