Different Types of Science News

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Science helps us understand the brilliant world that we live in. Without the commitment and investment our society has put into the field of science, we would not have the many technologies that we take for granted today. For example, fiber optics has made it possible for phone companies to transfer information quickly and inexpensively, something that would be impossible if Narinder Singh Kapany had not studied and invented it. The green technologies that are making their way into our society today are a result of thousands of scientists studying the detrimental effects of pollution and other contaminants, as well as studying renewable energies and researching ways to lessen the carbon footprint of our citizens. All of these technologies and breakthroughs, while known to the scientific community, make their way to the public through science news.

Science news provides the public with information about new breakthroughs and technologies found in the field of science. Today, science news is generally found on the Internet, just like many other publications. Beyond the Internet, however, science news can be found in the newspaper (in a particular science or technology section), or in print magazines such as Popular Science. For the many people interested in science, science news is relatively accessible, especially when considering the increase of Internet usage in the United States. From children who read science news for school projects to scientists keeping up with their field, science news informs the public and keeps them up to date with what is happening in the science world.

There are many different fields of science that science news may cover. These fields range from news about new findings in the human brain to new technologies found in energy. Here are some of the common fields of study in science news:

Plants and Animals – in this field, scientific journalists may cover new species or interesting facts discovered about other living things on the planet.

Health and Medicine – this field focuses on the human body and the many health issues that humans face on a daily basis, including the medicine we use to treat disease.

Climate – this field is experiencing growing interest with the concern of global warming and climate change.

Earth – focusing on geology, ecology, and other issues related to the planet Earth, this field helps the public better understand the world they live in.

Energy – this field also is experiencing increased interest, as corporations and politicians are striving for new energy technologies that are both affordable and renewable.

Computers – this field focuses on the math and technology related to computers, as well as other electronics and new technologies.

Space – humans are naturally interested in space which, in essence, is everything that exists outside of our own world.

No matter what type of science news interests you, you will be able to find it all over the Internet, in the newspaper, and in print publications such as magazines.

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