Dog Breeds that are more Likely to Bite Children, Study Finds Evidence

Portrait of a puppy on the nature close up. Pitbull. 4 months of age.

To assess the case and report better on the study, the researchers indulged in reviewing around 15 years of dog-related facial trauma cases from two hospitals – Nationwide Children’s Hospital as well as the University of Virginia Health System. The researches indulged their focus on the wound size, bone fractures and even the prospects of tissue tearing. 

While they are still evaluating the possible causes and reasons, it is believed that there could be a number of factors involved in the sudden aggressiveness of the dogs in question. From the wrath of the abuse faced to the vulnerability, a dog can become aggressive and show it on multiple occasions. It is thus important for rescues and dog owners to take responsibility.

The best way to avoid the risks is to train dogs accordingly and not expose them to hostile conditions. When it comes to children being afraid of dogs, it is completely up to the parents to teach compassion and to help them realize how to treat them in a gentle way to avoid any kind of issues of being bitten or such.

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